Loom & Hand.

Loom & Hand is our textile shop for you to discover, explore and access handwoven textiles made by weavers across India.

More than just a textile shop, Loom & Hand bridges the gap between the consumer and the artisan, allowing the two to interact in a rather direct way, even if it is virtually so.

Our pricing system is very transparent so one knows exactly what they are paying for.


Here we list existing textiles from the inventories of Artisans + Makers. We encourage you to consider this as this allows for the movement of material from one to another instead to them being piled up.

These can be made again in most cases if you could work with our their minimum requirements.



Here we list Artisanal Textiles that may or not be in stock, for you to place orders for. Minimum order quantities + timelines differ from weaver to weaver. Quantities are usually between 25m to 100m & time to weave are between 30-60 days. Good things take time. You can order up to 100m on the web shop. Write to us for any requirements beyond this shop@loomandhand.com


Limited Edition Textiles.

Here you are find one-offs, last of its kind, small or big pieces of textiles.


Swatch Sets.

Whether you are exploring or unsure about which textile would suit your need the best, our swatch sets are for you. Order one of these to gauge the feel of the textiles that have you intrigued.


Who we are.

With experience that spans over a decade within the Clothing & Textile Industry, the team behind Loom & Hand understands the value of artisanal textiles and the need for its exchange within a safe space for both the maker and the buyer. 

In an era of shared resources and collaborations Loom & Hand hopes to be a forerunner in devising a new-age system of accessing handloom textiles.

With our ongoing work within the clothing industry, we felt the need to build an accessible platform of textiles for our fellow makers, enthusiasts, collectors, students and the ones who love to get their clothes and home-textiles tailor-made.

Our textiles are curated to focus on our interest in natural and breathable textiles woven with techniques new and old. We source and document inventory from our weavers to ensure their textiles are always finding a home while ensuring we can find them new opportunities to work their looms.

Our offering is ever-evolving, we keep adding and collecting to share as we move along inspired by travel, people, stories and conversations.

Here you may find textiles contemporary or vintage, a lot of some and too little of another, natural or coloured, rare or very common. You may find stock from inventories, fabrics that can only be made to order and sometimes a limited edition collectible. Feel free to get in touch for specifics and we look forward to taking you on this journey.

love from us at 

L O O M + H A N D


    So material moves around and doesn't just end up as dead-stock.


    Keep looms running through access for the weavers to create fresh orders and get new opportunities.


    To expand reach & access to hand-woven textiles by creating new retail avenues for artisan and buyers.


    To create transparency and value for both: the artisan and consumer. 


    To bring weavers and their processes to the forefront. To Provide information on hand-woven textiles, their tools and their processes.


    To promote handwoven textiles through curation and a commitment to quality.